SDLC for SAAS Team

June 05, 2014
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Step No.
Process Description

Status Code

(To be used in list views

-FRT list or Roadmap)

1 Log feature requests in FRTs NEW / FRT READY FOR REVIEW Anyone (primarily Sales , Support, Product Manager) New Ideas, Customer Suggestions and Pain Points. Try to get as much data as possible so that the FRT is complete.
2 Review feature Request UNDER REVIEW / REVIEWED Product Marketing Manager (Customer facing)
  • Passed
  • May be asked for more data
  • Discarded
Check for completeness, identify business impact
3 Qualify feature request for Product Backlog Qualified for PRD / Rejected for PRD Product Manager(PM) & PM Associate Feature gets

  • Qualified
  • Rejected
What should come into the Product in Current Release1) Long Pending Minor/Major Issues

2) Burning Bugs/Issues

3) Frequently Asked Features

4) Requirements which Impact Revenue

5) New Ideas which increases Product Impact/Usability

6) Major Usability Features. (existing which users are not able to use it or new one which will improve things)

7) Reduces Ops/Support Time/eases execution

8) Candidate for New Product/Package – eg. Marketing SMS App

9) Need more workout

4 Write Product Requirement PRD WIP/ PRD READY FOR REVIEW PM Associates & UX
  • PRD Document
Details about actual features requestedCross feature / product dependencies

Non-functional requirement (security, scaling)


5 Review Product Requirement PRD REDO / PRD APPROVED Product Manager (PM) PRD gets

  • Accepted
  • Sent back for Additional data
  • Sent for corrections
Check for completeness, non-functional, side effects
6 Prepare Test Plan, if Dev related TP DONE / TP WIP QA
7 prepare SDD PRD SDD WIP Developer
  • Dev requests clarifications in PRD
  • Estimated Time For development
8 Verify SDD & Test Plan as per PRD PRD SDD PASSED/REDO PM Associates
  • Accepted
  • Sent back for missing feature
Check for PRD CoverageCheck for Deliverables

Check Timelines


9 Development SDD DEV WIP /DONE Developer On Dev Machine
10 Execute Test Plan using Unit Tests SDD TPE WIP / DONE Developer
  • fixes bugs if any from test plan
  • Functional Testing
on Dev Maching
11 Check Test Results SDD DEV CHECK PM Associates & QA
    • Pass or fail for Staging update
Code Review
11 Upload to Staging or On Release Beta Package(for SF) and install on Test Org STAGING Developer
10 Execute Test Plan STAGING TPE WIP QA
  • File Bugs in Jira
11 Bug Fixing STAGING BUGFIX Developer
  • Update JIRA Tickets
  • Update JIRA Tickets
13 Verify Test Results STAGING UNDER REVIEW PM Associates
  • Pass/Fail
14 Ship to Production PRODUCTION DONE / WIP / SCHEDULED Developer
15 Test on Production PRODUCTION VERIFIED QA
16 Sign Off PRODUCTION RELEASE Product Manager(PM)

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